My CSU Card

As a CSU student, you are required to hold a CSU Card. The only exception is if you are studying online in the University Certificate in Workforce Essentials.  Your CSU Card can be used to:

  • attend exams
  • access CSU buildings, including 24 hour computer labs
  • borrow from the library
  • buy a range of goods and services on campus

Obtaining your free CSU Card

You’ll need to upload a photo of yourself via the Student Self Service Portal to get your CSU Card. It’s free, but if you lose it or it gets damaged, you’ll need to pay a replacement fee.

If you’re studying online, your card will be sent to you in the mail. Check the postal address we have for you at Administration Online.

If you’re studying at one of our campuses, you can pick your card up at Student Central which is generally located near the library. See our locations for more information.

When you get your card, follow the instructions carefully to set your PIN.

Travel concessions

You may be eligible to apply for a concession card while you’re studying at CSU.

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